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Meet Vanda, our Brand-Tech Specialist for OM Pharma

With new brand expectations around marketing, technology and creativity, we worked with our esteemed clients to build a new generation of talents in the name of Brand Tech specialists. In this article, you will discover why we created these roles at Kainjoo, what Vanda, one of our first Brand-Tech Specialists, is saying regarding her experience, and how to apply for being our next Brand-Tech Specialist.

Why Brand-Tech specialists?

Marketing has changed and is now disrupted by many tools and channels to help you make better decisions using data. This means the marketers running these activities also require a new approach to branding that isn’t just understanding the mechanics of a campaign or product launch but truly having someone who can ensure growth is captured and generated, primarily online.

With more content needed, such as videos and animations, in high-velocity channels like social media, you have a perfect storm to break your marketing budget by hiring multiple agencies or freelancers to help…

Now, adding more maturity in running strategic imperatives into measurable objectives with agility, you start to narrow down the list of candidates or solutions…

So, Brand-Tech specialists are the answer to building customer experiences that scale, drive emotions and fit the tight constraints of regulated industries.

They are the operational hand that can handle the last mile the way a brand would evolve on multiple channels and genuinely are the missing orchestrators. Forget about the community manager, project manager or social media manager; here is the complete missing package of brands.

Thinking about the career path of the next generation of talents in the tech or creative industry, Brand Tech Specialists roles can also easily get hooked to the company development path, such as product managers, communications managers or project managers in IT, commercial or marketing departments.

What is it like to be a Brand-Tech Specialist? Meet Vanda.

Vanda is the Brand-Tech Specialist for our customers at OM Pharma. Let’s dive deep into what being a Brand-Tech Specialist at Kainjoo is like. We took a few minutes to interview

Vanda, you have been a Brand-Tech Specialist at Kainjoo for a few months. Can you share your background and why you applied to this role?

I finished my studies with a degree in Visual Communication. I planned a new marketing communication plan for WWF for my final thesis, including detailed content strategic planning. During the project, I knew I was on an excellent path to doing something I enjoy.

As my working career started, I learned more about the Web and tools that facilitated my task in the digital marketing world. I was always open to learning and jumping on new projects, even if they required more research than usual. When I saw the job description from Kainjoo, I knew the position could feed my hunger for growth.

After a few months, what is surprising you in your day-to-day activities between your interactions with the Kainjoo team and your assignment being delegated within OM Pharma?

I have experienced a massive difference in changing from the hectic start-up pace. Kainjoo is a workplace with a structure and time management tool to avoid burnout. Furthermore, Kainjoo takes it seriously to help me on my growth path. I am happy to say I have a great support system: Our team has a professional graphic designer who helps visualize the team’s ideas, and the dev team has eyes on all serious issues.

As we call Kainjoo a brand-tech firm, what can you share regarding what you’re discovering on the tech, marketing and creative front?

On my current project, I am exploring the advanced settings of Elementor to maintain a live website, learning to deliver the best-performing ads and be able to handle campaigns from 0-10.

Can you describe in a few words what a typical day at Kainjoo or OM Pharma is for you?

Every week, I spend a lot of time on project management, ensuring the tasks are well-defined and delegated and assuring that what we deliver meets the Kainjoo standards. On top of this, I have my personal Brand Tech Specialist tasks where I edit/create landing pages, run analyses to align data, optimize running ads, etc… One of my essential tasks is to keep a smooth and active connection with the client.

As Kainjoo is a learning organisation, do you feel progressing and if so, can you share in which area?

I want to point out a significant improvement in using Elementor. It took me three months to master the critical elements of the website. I learned and understood the website’s structure, including the models, posts, plugins, and dynamic features essential to building and maintaining the website.

If someone has a question or wants to apply and get feedback from Vanda, you can reach her at

Apply to become a Brand-Tech Specialist.

Brand-Tech Specialists are a new role, but we see an incredible surge of interest in them from candidates and companies.

If you want to become one, please apply to our careers centre. The process is described there, and you will see what’s a good fit for the role.

To be fair to succeed and be selected, it is more about being aligned with our culture. We are looking for people who can learn fast, unlearn, absorb new methodologies, and be curious about new tech and channels applied to brands.

This is an operational role where a get-shit-done attitude is expected, and we have a work hard, play hard kind of policy in the company. We can also test you for a week if you want to feel what it is like to work and see if there is a match.

We are hosting an information session for the Brand-Tech specialist role, which has multiple openings in Switzerland and through our partnership with Webhelp in Paris.

In the meantime, shoot your questions in the comments, and I will respond.

Orsen Okami
Orsen Okami
Kainjoo is a brand-tech firm serving regulated industries with Kaizen and Six-sigma ready brand activities.

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