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Kainjoo Investors

Kainjoo Purpose

Kainjoo Culture is all about creating purpose with impact in mind.

A clear Vision animated by a strong Purpose

People deserves great services and products, packaged under unforgettable experiences. By becoming a market leader in the transformation of regulated industries through cutting-edge branding strategies and operations, we would get closer to that vision of the world.

Why is purpose so important for Kainjoo?

Purpose is the reason why a company or a brand exists. It is the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary to its customers. Purpose sits firmly at the centre of a brand’s vision and informs every business decision.

Purpose is what moves our decisions and reach our Vision

Our purpose is to unite the world through meaningful and emotional brand experiences that serve the interest of humans. Our purpose is an anchor that connects everything we do to our aspiration, our vision but also our daily actions guided by our philosophy and strategy.

The Kainjoo purpose and brand matrix

Kainjoo Brand Matrix

The Kainjoo Brand

Our brand is the reflection of our purpose and our personality. When we were looking for a name, an atmosphere and a declaration of existence, our verbal brand was obvious. It was provocative yet telling a story from our origin. It embedded a stylish yet a timeless design both in our figurative logo and our font.

The imagery is also a part we get a lot of attention on. Especially our attraction to the Japanese environment. Long story short: it is a tribute. We feel the Japanese industry era post-1800 created some of the unique ways to scale our last business revolution.

We are in another one today. We are also a generation of leaders bridging the old world with a new one full of opportunities. Having a foot in the tradition, and one in the innovation is the best model to take us all in a new place, where experiences will be disrupted through technologies.

Now, in terms of behaviours, we are also finding some concrete similarities between our swiss origins, and the Japanese way of working. The taste for “excellence” in what we do is perceptible, while colors are magically concording between these 2 regions.

Last, that period of time and place in Japan is also the symbol of a generation of people, that committed themselves to an idea, a vision of what a society should be. They were more than warriors, they became symbols. That vision inspired us deeply to attract people in our mission that can understand the passion for a great job done, and also being part of a larger community.