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About Kainjoo

Why Kainjoo?

Why Kainjoo?

Kainjoo means Brand Emotions through Continuous Progress​.

It comes from the Japanese word “kaizen”, continuous progress, and the word “Kanjo”, that means emotion. The whole essence of our brand

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Kainjoo is to always keep in mind 2 dualities that businesses and organisations face:

  • Optimising the internal organs of the company for a better customer experience and value proposition. This means always monitoring, questioning and fighting waste towards excellence in achieving that promise for the customer.
  • Optimising the brand and the offering, for a better market share, positioning, repeatable growth and long-lasting relationship with your customers. This means creating experiencing throughout your brands touch-points that will generate unforgettable memories, using emotions as a catalyst to generate them.

Brands as our change vehicles on the market

Compared to others, Kainjoo will always work through the lenses of a brand. Our change programs are designed to structure companies, optimise them and future-proof them through the work done on brands. This is why you will see Kainjoo often using brands as the vehicle to induce change on a market, or to re-position a company. We strongly believe that working from the outside-in is provoking disruption for the better, and sometimes even creating opportunities for the business.

Disrupting Regulated and Complex Industries

While we have a lot of companies supporting FMCG brands, there is something unique about industries that are heavily regulated. They need a change agent from the outside that understands their challenges enough to bridge solutions with an ocean of opportunities outside. This is why Kainjoo specialised in global brands operating in tight regulated markets. 

Blending Innovation, Business Performances and Creative Branding, from Strategy to Delivery

The world is moving fast, especially now with digital transformation maturing in almost all industries. There is still need for a company that understand how to strategically orchestrate technology & innovation and embed them into business models. Same goes for brands that desperately need Creative Ideas to explore new relationships with their customers, through campaigns, channels and new services.

kainjoo disrupts regulated industries

The whole value-proposition, if not taken in an-end-to-end process, is breaking at some point. This is why at Kainjoo we structured our group to offer a full control on the transformation of your front-line operations.

New partnerships models

The world of consulting and delivery agencies changed. You can’t just deliver a strategy deck or a nice website and hope for the best. This is why at Kainjoo we are innovating by taking risks in the projects we embark on. From classical time and expenses models, we moved towards partnerships where our fees are directly indexed on the performance of the brand we work on. Even better, on some innovative projects, we are taking equity mostly as an observer or advisor to support the growth of new ventures.

By having alignement on the objectives, our strategies and projects delivery models take a new turn, involving our partners and teams as if they were yours all over the world.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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