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Kainjoo Investors

Invest in our vision to disrupt regulated industries.

Kainjoo was created on a vision. Regulated industries need experts talking their language, but they also need an end-to-end solutions to optimise their impact.

An independent group with a unique value-proposition

With a unique offering on the market, Kainjoo relies on private investors to fulfil its ambition, driven by organic growth and external acquisitions. The consulting and outsourcing market is growing fast. The idea of a niched, specialised transformation agent is making of Kainjoo a nice value-proposition that will attract bigger firms to acquire it in few years.

Our recent products Kainjoo Institute and Kainjoo Ventures are making an investment in the group even sweeter as the possibilities of optimising existing resources for the same customers are endless (from human resources to marketing and sales, our value offering is now reaching the whole spectrum of the front-line of complex organisations).

By investing in Kainjoo, you are sitting in the front-row of the transformation of the most regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics brands.

Where do investments go?

We need as much operational and financial investors. Some of our programs require a strong influx of CAPEX that will be used to stabilise some of our existing offering.

budget structure

Shares structure & Governance

Kainjoo is also conscious of its business performances. All our business units are contributing to a group objective and operate under an optimised budget. The target for each business unit is designed to generate at least 30% of profits. Each business unit is also contributing to the corporate vision that includes marketing, corporate communications and governance.

With a such model, it gives the possibility to structure a group with unlimited potential, fostering entrepreneurship and a desire for growth in each of our partners.

Group shareholders

The shareholders structure is always the same:

  • 30% reserved for the investors at a valued share that is calculated at least on 60% past performances
  • 30% reserved for Kainjoo Group SA, to structure the group strategy and consolidate the customers pipeline of business
  • 30% reserved for the partners and teams delivering the value, with a vesting period of 5 years for partners and 3 years for employees
  • 10% reserved for Allegory Capital SA, structuring the financial aspect of the group and the funding of the various stages of the company lifecycle

Choose country or region

Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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