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Kainjoo Manifesto

Kainjoo’s Vision: A letter from the Founder

Kainjoo’s Vision: A letter from the Founder

Bringing Brands Performances to Life.

Dear customer, colleagues, partners,

Now and then.

This is a cold day, December 2012 with my future wife Kristina sitting on my side, brainstorming together on what this venture should be. Loving stories, I am writing this to not forget what would lead us to something we perhaps don’t know yet. 

After 10 years of working in the trenches of the digital industry and crossing the roads of the most regulated pharma companies, it is fair to say something isn’t working.

On one side, companies are excited by buzzwords appearing in the slide of consulting firms. Yes, it is good to know how to talk to senior executives, but we shouldn’t just create excitement: we need to get real as the industry is dying to transform itself.

On the other side, creative, marketing or digital agencies are just looking to sell hours and if you are lucky, you can fall into a creative brain that will build an elegant solution. The model is wrong, just not wired for success and pharma is just looked like the industry you can just add a 0 to your estimate.

This should stop.

I have a deep desire to bring solutions to the most regulated industries, as they are the ones with the most needs for disruption. Where to start then?

I believe brands are the perfect vehicle to do it. They are the expression of a value proposition and if you do a good job there, it is necessarily stressing the internal organisation behind them.

Now, how to do it? We should not build brands in a petri dish. Digital is just a DNA branch of what a brand should embrace now. The other branch is definitely linked to how much emotional intelligence we can generate through the brands touchpoints. 

This means we can work as partners, to build data driven commercial organisations, that can craft brands, generating on a side measurable value to the business, and on the other an unforgettable customer experience.

This is how we came to Kainjoo. A hybrid organisation where you could picture a consulting firm having a brainchild with a highly skilled brand technology organisation. I believe that an end to end view on how the industry works is important, from strategy to delivery. If you don’t have a foot in each, you would lose sight of what’s make a strategy relevant in a fast pace environment. 

Now, bridging the digital opportunities with the regulated industries is already great. What if we bridge the world of Japanese methodologies to scale systems in the automotive industry, and bring it to life here, to tame these tactics, and finally unleashing strategies that would be translated into concrete business impact. I came across Kaizen and 6sigma as my first job, and adapting these decades-old principles to the digital transformation streams should help bridge the gap for what we are trying to achieve.

Kainjoo is a vehicle for change. Kainjoo is a business partner focused on value-driven collaboration. Kainjoo is a gateway to future-proof an organisation but most importantly, Kainjoo is a canvas to bring brands performances to life, while building unforgettable experiences for customers.

Let’s do this.

Haider Alleg

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