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Kainjoo Purpose

Kainjoo Leadership Principles

Kainjoo Leadership Principles are enablers for our mission, guided by our KJ. Philosophy​.

How these principles are enabling the mission?

Embracing our Leadership Principles and behaviours is crucial to realising our mission and achieving sustainable Kainjoo success. The Kainjoo Leadership Principles become game changers when we put them into action.

KJ Leadership Principles 1



We achieve excellence. We set ambitious goals, we win together.

For managers
  • Make sure that roles, objectives and priorities are always clear within the team
  • Set clear expectations, goals and performance criteria
  • Set ambitious goals to achieve excellence
  • Focus on priorities
  • Assess, reward, recognize performance according to results and act consequently
  • Acknowledge and celebrate individual and team successes
For individual contributors
  • Seek clarity of your objectives, priorities and role
  • Consistently deliver on ambitious goals, holding to standards of excellence
  • Focus on priorities
  • Anticipate challenges, and work to resolve them in a timely manner
  • Recognize and celebrate peers’ and the team’s successes


We create leaders and intrapreneurs We empower, we boost our teams, we incite learning.

For managers
  • Delegate responsibilities, accepting the related risks
  • Provide development opportunities for people within and outside your department
  • Involve the team in decision-making
  • Encourage the team to generate solutions
For individual contributors
  • Search for challenging responsibilities and assignments
  • Look for development opportunities within and outside your role or department
  • Share information and data to arrive at the best possible decision


We experiment and build our future We search for new solutions, we take risks for innovation, we learn together.

For managers
  • Challenge the status quo, taking and accepting the risk for innovative initiatives
  • Stimulate innovative proposals and solutions
  • Ensure constant communication with your team during change processes
  • Encourage informal networks inside and outside the organization
  • Maximize diversity in exchange of opinions and ideas
For individual contributors
  • Challenge the status quo; seek and propose new and more effective solutions
  • Think forward; engage your manager and others on the results your innovative ideas will bring
  • Embrace and adapt to change, challenge your working habits, support others to do the same
  • Expand your network inside and outside your department, function, geography
  • Actively seek an exchange of information and opinions from diverse audiences


We own everything we do with courage. We seize responsibilities, we are accountable for our decisions

For managers
  • Relentlessly do what is right for Kainjoo in spite of obstacles and setbacks
  • Hold yourself accountable for the decisions and initiatives you take
  • Address critical issues and conflicts in a timely manner
  • Run the risk to open up to others’ critical perspectives
  • Stand behind your team and be close to the team’s problems
  • Admit mistakes openly
For individual contributors
  • Relentlessly do what is right for Kainjoo in spite of obstacles and setbacks
  • Hold yourself accountable for the decisions and initiatives you take
  • Address critical issues and conflicts in a timely manner
  • Share your opinions openly and be open to others’ critical perspectives
  • Stand behind your colleagues and be supportive
  • Admit mistakes openly


We are in this together. We work together across teams, functions and geographies

For managers
  • Encourage dialogue and achieve collaboration among team members and different parts of the organization
  • Initiate and ensure cross-functional/ cross-geographies collaboration
  • Acknowledge and recognize successful cross-functional/cross- geographies collaboration results
  • Proactively support others to achieve common goals
For individual contributors
  • Proactively share your ideas and resources to support the work of your colleagues, within and outside your department
  • Seek opportunities for collaboration with different teams, functions and geographies
  • Show consideration and respect when dealing with others
  • Seek others’ inputs and involvement, listen and understand their viewpoints and motives


We listen and share. We communicate honestly, we do it often, we make it simple, we make it clear

For managers
  • Align communication across the organization/department/teams according to the target audience
  • Communicate organizational or managerial decisions in a timely manner, explaining the reasons behind them
  • Communicate successes, failures and learnings
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Listen to others’ opinions
  • Communicate openly across hierarchical levels to ensure effectiveness and involvement
For individual contributors
  • Proactively seek and share complete and accurate information in a timely manner
  • Be candid about motives, decisions, failures and learnings
  • Take feedback as an opportunity to grow and support others
  • Listen to others and make sure you fully understand the message
  • Communicate openly across hierarchical levels to ensure effectiveness and involvement


We share one Mission, we are guided by the Kainjoo Philosophy. We know why we are here, we inspire each other.

For managers
  • Communicate and keep your team focused on the end goal and the KJ. Mission
  • Make sure people understand how their efforts contribute to wider company goals
  • Provide a sense of purpose to individuals and team
  • Live and lead according to the Kainjoo philosophy
For individual contributors
  • Stay focused on the end goal and Mission
  • Seek understanding of how you are contributing to Kainjoo’s success and Mission
  • Live and act according to the Kainjoo Philosophy

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