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Kainjoo Leadership

Kainjoo Group Structure

Kainjoo Group Structure

A global group dedicated to bring brands performances to life​.

Kainjoo is a global, independent group of companies headquartered in Switzerland and founded in 2013 by Haider Alleg, an active entrepreneur specialised in regulated industries.

A molecular structure fostering agility and scalability

With an open partnership approach, Kainjoo introduced the concept of molecular structures, bringing a scalable and human-centric design to our vision. Our natural expansion is coming both from external acquisition engine and an organic growth.

Starting from the spin-off of consulting division in 2013 and the buy-out of a couple of agencies in 2015, the group consolidated its position as a leader in bringing disruptive ideas to the market in Europe first, but quickly scaling a footprint through the global nature of its customer’s business.

In 2017, a restructuration enabled Kainjoo to prepare the Ventures and Institute division, after successfully launching and testing these products through our consultants network. This is also the year where the management decided to shift the delivery model towards delegation and outsourcing, giving birth to our Business Services division, and unfortunately stopping the swiss agencies.

In 2019, Allegory Capital takes the majority of shares in the Kainjoo Group, to help consolidate the finances and look for further investments to manage the growth. Allegory Capital is also a major investor in Kainjoo Ventures and Kainjoo Institute. By having a private equity arm behind the group, it gives a new set of competencies to Kainjoo customers, but also to startups looking for seed investments and growth.

Our shareholders are private. Our independence is a key part of our business promise. If you are interested to invest in our vision for disrupting regulated and complex industries, feel free to contact our headquarters.

In 2019, Allegory Capital enters in the offshore agency Pupsic. With a project management front in Switzerland and operations in Ukraine and Algeria, the Kainjoo group can count on a reservoir talents and delivery capabilities at a competitive budget for large scale programs.

Our group is also uniquely designed for global and complex organisations. This is a strong positioning that helps focus on our core expertise. For small businesses and startups, our partners Allegory Capital or Pupsic will be better equipped to answer the challenges of smaller teams. Feel free to contact them and to explore possible collaborations.

A structure designed for global organisations

For large corporations, the Kainjoo Group is structure to answer brand an organisation challenges through:

  • a consulting division, shaping strategies and change plans for decision makers
  • an agency networks, designed to deliver quality projects at scale for complex industries
  • a business services unit, providing solutions for staffing, recruitments, procurement and legal affairs
  • a capital ventures arm, supporting innovation and business development teams to manage a pipeline of startups
  • an institute, delivering training programs to leaders coming from real world experiences
For small organisations, Kainjoo is partnering with others companies to deliver a solution tailored to the size and reality of each case:

  • Pupsic, a network of offshore agencies with a central node in Switzerland for program management
  • Allegory Capital, a private equity and venture capital company, focusing on raising early stages funding for promising ventures while also supporting more mature organisation in their life cycle management

Where are we going next?

Our mission, philosophy and leadership principles are guiding us in supporting organisations in their business transformation. Our strategy is clear and our efforts are concentrated in stabilising our offers while managing our international expansion.

We are actively looking for leaders with a strong entrepreneur spirit in them, to help us achieve our vision. If you are looking for expanding your offering in one of our industry territory or joining forces to tackle challenges, feel free to contact us.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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