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Haider Alleg, is returning as Managing Director

Morges (Switzerland), May 15th 2022 – Haider Alleg, GP at Allegory Capital and non-executive board member at Kainjoo, is nominated Managing Director following the decision to integrate the firm as one asset in the VC’s portfolio. Additionally, Allegory Capital will buy 18% of shares at Kainjoo before the end of the year.

Five years leading the digital transformation of speciality pharma leaders

During that time, Haider worked for various pharmaceutical companies, including Ferring Pharmaceuticals. “I joined Ferring Pharmaceuticals as a consultant in 2017 while Kainjoo needed a new leadership to take the company where it needed and stabilise our growth”, shares Haider. “I had the chance to implement an entire transformation program at Ferring and scale it. These learnings at a whole organisation level are invaluable for companies like Kainjoo to truly serve the purpose defined at our inception.”.

On the other hand, the team at Kainjoo has built a complementary value proposition based on the legacy Haider started. “With the addition of Kainjoo Institute and Kainjoo Ventures, the KJ. group can support companies worldwide with a BPO model and serve all the corners of the commercial organisations, including BD teams and support functions such as HR, compliance, legal and procurements.” share Nemat Naziri, CFO and administrator of the company.

“I look forward to supporting companies like Ferring and all existing customers in our portfolio with our team full of talents”. Regulated industries need a company like Kainjoo, declared Haider Alleg. I am also committed to developing the xclusiv and affairs division, a clear diversification area where our talents would change the game.

Allegory Capital & Kainjoo Consulting Group SA

Seeing the gap in the VC industry within regulated industries, and after founding the French Tech Swiss Hub in 2018, Haider created Allegory Capital, a new generation of venture capital firm that supports the growth of innovative ventures in the space of regulated industries. “My experience within healthcare and tech, coupled with the network I have within startups and the VC scene, is a tremendous strength for Kainjoo as the firm will directly benefit from opportunities that the ecosystem brings.” For instance, the portfolio from Allegory Capital will directly fuel our emerging tech or channel strategies at Kainjoo while exposing our customers to great innovation. In addition, startups will gain potential customers and investors through Kainjoo, while Allegory Capital structures financial deals.

Kainjoo Ventures is a good complement for Allegory Capital, which operates differently but serves the same goal: driving innovation from the outside while Kainjoo does it from the inside out. The new offering for Kainjoo Ventures will target Global Headquarters, while the offering from Allegory Capital will target startups and financial institutions.

“Having the possibility to support companies now from their M&A operations, potentially operating their corporate fund through Allegory Capital and Kainjoo ventures is a game-changer”. Our SPV-as-a-service offer will unleash investment from corporations towards ventures that desperately need it.

To officialise the operation, Kainjoo will sell in September 2023 18% of its shares to Allegory Capital to sustain the various milestone of its development and become part of the portfolio, with Haider Alleg as a majority shareholder. “As a strategic investment on both sides, it makes sense for me to be the bridge between the two companies”, declares Haider. In addition, Allegory Capital will serve as the lead firm for raising future rounds for sustaining Kainjoo’s growth.

Nemat Naziri is stepping down from his role while the company is thankful for his services.

About Allegory Capital

A new Swiss investment firm is solving the issues of repeatable growth within tech ventures evolving in regulated industries. Allegory Capital is driving value from investment to a fund-as-a-service model by tackling the commercial operations aspects of promising ventures.

About Kainjoo Consulting Group SA

Kainjoo Consulting Group SA is a strategic consulting firm operating in Switzerland and internationally for ten years, serving regulated industries in their brand technologies requirements. The company is independent, crafting winning strategies for commercial operations, blending creative branding, neuro-marketing and emerging technologies and channels.

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Orsen Okami
Orsen Okami
Kainjoo is a brand-tech firm serving regulated industries with Kaizen and Six-sigma ready brand activities.

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