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Astate becomes Kainjoo Creative Studio

Kainjoo Consulting Group SA, a strategic consulting group specialised in generating growth for regulated industries and founded in 2013 by Haider Alleg, is acquiring 100% of the company Astate, a Swiss-based design studio composed of 10 employees.

Founded in 2007 by Alexander Imhoff, the company will join the Kainjoo group as the go-to design team and bring its existing portfolio of customers in banking, luxury and startups to the rest of the life sciences-based customers of the consulting firm.

The new structure after the merging will become Kainjoo SA, remain fully independent, and be based in Morges, where the Design studio Astate took office years ago. M. Imhoff enters the board of directors as Kainjoo’s new Creative Director and, with it, joins the group’s capital (undisclosed amount of shares and value).

By combining the strengths of a consulting team with the power of a creative one,  the group can continue delivering on the promise to be one of the fastest-growing brand-tech groups in Switzerland and one of the market leaders in digital marketing for regulated industries in Europe. Ensuring insights are shared within the teams working on various projects, this new offering will distinguish the newly formed group in a highly competitive market by bringing a new level of business acumen to creative proposals.

When asked to comment, the Managing Director & Founder, Haider Alleg, adds: “having that type of creative thinking is necessary as we go agile; problem-solving for brands isn’t going to remain at the slide level. This merging is bringing a fresh-air to the customer with real partners in front of them knowing how to build a strategy, but now one fueled by real-world experience.”

On his side, the new Creative Director Alexander feels excited: “I have been looking for a business angle for a long time and our values just matched perfectly with the one brought by Kainjoo. This isn’t an exit but rather a new page to write for both companies at the down of new challenges for brands facing their digital transformation.”

About Kainjoo SA

A strategic consulting firm composed of various capabilities to engage with regulated industries, supporting their digital transformation. The group comprises multiple business units and agencies designed to deliver immediate customer value. Innovating by being one of the first European firms offering a performance engagement model, the team is operating globally.

About Astate

Astate is a Swiss branding studio with the particularity of a strong Digital DNA within the team execution and expertise. Astate has supported many known Swiss brands since its inception in 2007, from luxury watchmakers to Nespresso. The agency also acts as a startup product studio, building the whole experience from scratch with companies like Biotonique or Coopilot.

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Orsen Okami
Orsen Okami
Kainjoo is a brand-tech firm serving regulated industries with Kaizen and Six-sigma ready brand activities.

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