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Careers at Kainjoo

We are hiring a:

Product/UX Designer

Careers at Kainjoo

We are hiring a:

Job Details.

A Product/UX Designer to the product team of a cancer genetics startup

We’re looking for a product/UX designer who shares our clients’ ambitions and is comfortable in being among the first team members, defining practices and culture. We want to find people who assume positive intent in others, and we will provide a caring and authentic environment where one can enjoy and work together as a team.

The medical industry is notorious for overly complex and outdated user experiences. The role of product and UX design is to bring clarity and focus to the product while catering for flexibility demanded by diverse user groups and rapidly evolving business requirements.

Designing a sophisticated medical service depends on thorough user research and continuous user validation of UI concepts and designs. Effective cross-disciplinary execution during platform development is also required to keep the entire development team focused on the customers.

Your role as a product/UX designer is to:

  • Lead user research – constantly aware of what the actual users need.
  • Design concepts, user interfaces and prototypes – to expand the product’s utility among current and future users.
  • Work hands-on as an integral product team member to make the concepts and drafts reality.
  • Contribute to business decision-making, ensuring the users’ voices are heard throughout the process

We greatly appreciate people with experience in the role and the medical field. Still, we sincerely believe in potential and spontaneousness: if you feel like you can be the perfect fit for the opportunity, even if the above is not precisely your background, do ping us! 

Recruitment process

  1. We look into your profile and come back to you if we think it’s a match or if we don’t.
  2. We’ll be happy and curious to learn more about you and tell you more about the role during a remote interview.
  3. We’ll organise a session where you can demonstrate your skills and experience hands-on. No gimmicks, and we’ll give you instructions on how to prepare.
  4. After getting to know you and your experience better, we’ll meet to discuss more the practicalities and your role.
  5. We are both finally sure and aligned that we should do this! We’ll share a job offer for you to become part of the team.


Lausanne, Switzerland

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Full time



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