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    Search & Staffing

    • Talents scouting;
    • Managed Outsourcing;
    • HR & Payroll Administration;

    Legal Affairs & Compliance

    • Managed Data Privacy;
    • Brand IP;
    • Regulation Codes Application;


    • Managed RFIs, RFPs;
    • Purchase to Pay;
    • Vendors Governance;
    KJ. Data Privacy Center

    Meet your Data Privacy Officer.

    Data Privacy Audit

    Based on our experience, we run audits to diagnose issues and opportunities your organisation face against data regulations in more than 47 markets.

    Data Privacy Set Up

    Our team of technology and compliance experts support your organisation in the implementation of various processes linked to the respect of data privacy frameworks.

    Data Privacy Outsourcing

    Acting as your DPO, our team of experts represents your interests and support your organisation in the daily business.

    Search & Staffing

    Managing your staffing needs.

    Kainjoo’s network and expertise enable us to support your staffing needs and help you scale your activities.  Our understanding of regulated businesses is giving us an edge to identify talents that make a difference.

    Customer Satisfaction

    *Based on general Kainjoo activities in the last 12 months

    Reduction in operating costs for the whole commercial operations while optimising customers and employees experience.

    Optimising your supplier lines.

    Procurement Services.


    Tested Vendors
    in Brand Technologies

    Strategic Consulting

    Supporting the acquisition of consulting services.

    Skills Development

    Delivering best training for your team.

    Legal & Compliance

    Managing requirements in legal affairs.

    Open Innovation

    Venture Studio & Design Thinking done prorperly.

    Project Management

    Procuring delivery services on your behalf.

    Brand-Tech Services

    Customer epxeriences services for your brand.

    Value-Based Pricing

    Choose a model that
    fits your requirements.

    Time & Expenses
    € 1'920 Starting Daily Rate
    Based on your needs, our contract is aligned on clear deliverables.
    • 1h free consultation
    • Performance based
    • Dedicated resources
    • Stop, Freeze and Go
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    * Billed after 30d at the reception of a delivery note

    Unmanaged Services
    € 1'280 Starting Daily Rate
    Our resources under your direct management on-site or remotely.
    • 1h free consultation
    • Performance based
    • Dedicated resources
    • Stop, Freeze and Go
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    * min. of 60d required for order

    Managed Services
    $1'440 Starting Daily Rate
    100% dedicated resources for your business, managed by us directly.
    • 1h free consultation
    • Available on all services
    • Dedicated resources
    • Stop, Freeze and Go
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    * min. of 60d required and 100% retainer for order

    Customer’s Reviews

    Engage your

    Copyrights on the internet

    “We needed Kainjoo to fix some copyrights infringement of our brands online, and to do it in a smooth, delicate and discrete manner. Job done.”

    Cynthia Laurel

    Digital Manager, Hoya Vision Care

    Structuring our digital vendors

    “Kainjoo supported us in sourcing and then managing vendors line for various business units globally. Time saving, optimising outcomes and a smooth relationship where at play.”

    Janos Penzes

    Digital Manager, Gedeon Richter

    Medical devices class 2b

    "For a medical application, we needed a full-time Kainjoo consultant to run the risk and feasibility analysis in order to launch in the EU, with a CE mark."

    Tomas Svoboda

    CEO, Elanix Biotechnologies

    Free resources

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    Kainjoo Business Templates.

    Free resources with drops every week to help you scale and secure your business.

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