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Brand Tech

Kainjoo Tech Engineering has an unmatched
execution capability is founded in superior
technological skills and a strong maker culture.

We’re proudly partnering with the following technology friends to support your projects. 

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Kainjoo future-proof your organisation.

From premium software development to brand experiences and digital transformation, our industry-leading experts does it all. Our clients are pioneers of digitalization in regulated industries such as pharma, chemicals or banks to name a few.

Commercial Transformation

Optimising the productivity of your various digital & cloud initiatives by boosting scale & adoption.

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Tech Products & Cx Engineering

From IOT, to websites and certified medical devices apps, our team can build your products from A to Z.

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Data, AI & Automation

Building data-driven solutions, from data-warehouse to advanced ML/DL based algorithm,

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Intelligent Brands.

We love combininging technology, data and creativity to provide meaningful experiences for consumers, differentiation for brands and value for businesses.

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Selling your
brand online?

We’ve got your back. Our team of e-commerce specialists ensures the most complex projects are delivered, with ERPs connections and advanced workflows.


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From the blog

Quick and neat,
just how you like it.

We publish regularly what we discover in our blog, with some others news we gather. 


Managed Services.
Meet your tech team.

We help organisations tackles their everyday challenges using various engagement models.

Cost Effectiveness

Ideal for a short engagement, this mode is focused on clear deliverables, with a min. of 2 weeks commitment.

Time & Expenses

1. Definition

Based on a clear brief from your side, we estimate the time required to deliver including the risk contingency calculated upon the data your provided.

2. What are the benefits?

We make a clear list of what you will get at the end of our contract, with the guarantee that we will have to deliver what is in written in the specifications.

3. What to check?

If you are not sure of the scope of your projects, this method isn't great to go agile, as your end deliverables are bounding the terms of the contracts. In that case, our business analysts will help you update your brief to change it to a discovery mission.

Cost Effectiveness

Available from 60 working days and above, this mode is ideal if you have a clear view on your needs ahead.

Delegation Mode

1. Definition

A model where our employee is working under your leadership, and our company is only a contract proxy as well as a talent development resources to ensure your team is up and running.

2. What are the benefits?

As the resources sit with you, you have greater control over what they achieve, while also saving on the daily rate of each unit. You also build a greater company experience as the same employee is working on your account.

3. What to check?

You have to manage your resources every day as you are accountable for the deliverables they produce. If you don't have the project management team in house to handle your tech resources, our team can help you with part-time project managers.

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Cost Effectiveness

A model where we run your tech team in a white-label mode, but with an objective to deliver solutions in a defined pipeline.

Additional settings

1. Definition

In this mode, you pay a retainer of a defined team every year, under our management, running as your external tech team.

2. What are the benefits?

We handle the team like if it was a department of your company. You don't have to manage the resources and we put in place governance to let you take decisions at key milestones.

3. What to check?

This mode is great for companies looking to unleash creativity and innovation from outside, but it could be under-used if maturity of the company is not at the right level.

Kainjoo Infrastructure Services

Swiss Hosting,
Maximum Privacy.

Kainjoo can manage your applications infrastructure in Switzerland and abroad, ensuring security and scalability.

Unmanaged hosting

estimated for 1M visits/m

$500 Monthly
Premium hosting with VPS + CDN interface.
  • Hosted in Switzerland
  • Dedicated sys-admin
Get Started

* Billed as $6K yearly (auto-renewal)

Managed Hosting

estimated for 1M visits/m

$1'900 Monthly
Premium hosting with VPS + CDN interface.
  • Hosted in Switzerland
  • Dedicated sys-admin
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* Billed as $22.8K yearly (auto-renewal)

What makes you different at Kainjoo?

Our team of tech experts is working closely with our commercial colleagues, bringing a business acumen to our solutions. 

Why different engagement models?

After a decade of engaging with customers, with listen to their feedback for more innovation in this space, and Kainjoo now offers a diversity of models according to the life cycle stage of each project.

Are you competitive?

Our offering is based on quality and ensuring we deliver it means it has a price. We provide transparency on all our cost structures, including offshore and we are happy to align our fees on measurable milestones.

Are you also a registrar?

No. We have licenses to operate for some domains like .swiss, but we are not a registrar. Our partners provide us with possibilities to cover the world if needed.

How can we start working together?

The best way is to understand your need in a brief, which will serve as a baseline for a discussion. Our business analysis can also help you write a brief based on interviews and workshops.

Do you engage in RFPs or pitches?

We are happy to answer to paid RFPs where we engage our time and expenses. We do not answer to non-paid solicitations. 

Meet our customers.

Share with us a brief

Say Hi! to your
new tech team.

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    Discover how Kainjoo helped a launch a new drug globally using online insights mining

    November 16, 2020

    FibroidsConnect: Uterine Fibroids Blog

    For Gedeon Richter, we have re-design the content strategy and the design of their patients website dedicated to Uterine Fibroids.

    • Strategy

      Brand, UX Strategy

    • Design

      Art Direction, Front-End Development

    • Client

      Gedeon Richter

    • Tags

      Gedeon Richter

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    November 16, 2020

    Flowent & Rich Call CLM Platform

    With our creative studio and tech engineers, our venture team built Flowent, a next-gen CLM platform designed for effectiveness in the sales force.

    • Strategy

      Tech, Branding

    • Design

      Art Direction, Ux/UI

    • Client

      Gedeon Richter

    View Project

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